2010 CrossGit Games

Athlete Profile

Palley, Harry

Northeast Regional (Men)

WOD Result Score
(2009 Games method)

Overhead Squats (135)
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Clean and Jerk

Establish 3 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

You will have 10 minutes to establish your three rep max. All three lifts must occur within 40 seconds.


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
7 Deadlifts (225)
14 Box Jumps

Albany Crippler

10 power cleans (185), unload outside weight and carry one plate 30 meters and load it onto a sled (45), ski for 20 calories, sprint back 30 meters, 30 power snatches (95), carry the other weight (45) 30 meters and load it onto the sled, 40 burpees, push loaded sled (90) 30 meters on high bars, 50 kettlebell swings (55), push loaded sled back 30 meters, 60 double-unders, and then one final sprint back 30 meters to the finish line.

Overall   53rd

New England Sectional (Men)

WOD Result Score
(Proportional Performance)

For time:
800 meter run
30 Snatches (115lbs)
800 meter run

09:40 81.03 37th
Fast and Furious

3 rounds for time of:
20 Box Jumps (24"")
20 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls (20lbs, w/10 foot target)

09:32 77.62 14th
Serious 7

Each athlete has 7 minutes to get their 7 rep max squat clean. When the athlete says "go" the judge will start the clock, each athlete has 40 seconds to complete their 7 rep max. They can do as many attempts as they want within the 7 minutes, however you only get 40 seconds for the 7 reps from the first pull. Rest and number of attempts is dependent on the athlete.

205 87.23 15th

4 rounds for time of:
* Stones ground-to-shoulder (112lbs)
** 100 meter Sandbag run (40lbs)
15 Overhead Squats (95lbs)
15 Deadlifts (225lbs)
15 Burpees

17:46 77.58 18th
Overall   323.47 17th