2010 CrossGit Games

Athlete Profile

CrossFit Auckland

2010 CrossFit Games Finals (Affiliate)

WOD Result Score
(2009 Games method)
Thruster/Pull-up/Buddy Carry
Max Overhead
Obstacle Course
Overall   69th

Australia Regional (Affiliate)

WOD Result Score
(2009 Games method)
Max Reps OHS

Max reps overhead squats in ten minutes (50/30kg), each team member must attempt. Only one bar is lifted at once.

156 8 8th
Sled drag triplet

In a team of four every team member must complete three rounds of 15 rep of Kettlebell swings (32/24kg), 15 Burpees, Sled drag. One of the team members will rest then when sled gets back they can rotate to the next exercise.

09:57 3 3rd
Sandbag run

Each Team must carry a 15kg sand bag around the track (2700m total). Only one person can carry the bag at once. Every member must carry the bag for a minimum of 100m.

11:37 1 1st
Ground-to-overhead 5000kg

Each team must lift from ground-to-over head through a full squat 5000kg.
The team has 1 bar, the weights are pre-set at a load prior to commencing.
Once the load has been decided it can’t be changed.
Each team member must complete ten lifts each.
60kg =84 lifts
50kg = 100 lifts
40kg = 125 lifts
30kg = 167 lifts

08:42 2 2nd

Each team member must cycle through each station, only one person can exercise at once. The team can’t progress until they have finished the station.
Each team only has two bars.
9 Deadlifts 120/70kg
15 Pull Ups
21 Thrusters 40/30kg

04:13 4 4th
Overall   18 1st