2010 CrossGit Games

Athlete Profile

Cho, Chyna

Height5' 8"
HometownSan Jose, California
AffiliateCrossFit Unlimited
Fran Time03:47
Helen Time09:09
Grace Time02:08
Filthy Fifty Time24:20
Fight Gone Bad321
Max Clean & Jerk170
Max Snatch125
Max Deadlift260
Max Back Squat205
Max Pullups36
400m run time
5K run time

2010 CrossFit Games Finals (Women)

WOD Result Score
(2009 Games method)
Muscle-up/Squat Snatch 12:08 15 15th
Pyramid Double Helen 21:52 20 20th
Max Overhead 165 8 8th
Deadlift/Pistol/2xUnder 149 25 25th
Sandbag move 10:53 16 16th
Clean/HSPU 12:09 15 15th
Toe to Bar/Ground to Overhead
Wall Burpee/Rope Climb
Overall   99 18th

Southwest Regional (Women)

WOD Result Score
(2009 Games method)
Tire Flip/Log Carry relay

The Athlete flips a tire 75 meters
Runs back to starting point
Carry a log one way
Flip the tire back to the start point
Return the log post the start cone
Log must remain above shoulder at all times"

05:26 6 6th

5 Rounds for time:
2 Muscle-ups
10 85# Power Cleans
200m Run – around a barrier.

09:51 6 6th

For Time:
20 barbell shoulder to overhead (115lbs.)
40 burpees
7 minute cap

04:03 7 7th

For Time:
1000 meter row
30 Overhead squats (95)
1200 meter run

12:34 6 6th
Overall   25 4th

N. California Sectional (Women)

WOD Result Score
(Proportional Performance)
Run - Overhead Squat

Against a 6-minute running clock:
Run 800m
Max rep overhead squats (75lbs)

44 93.62 3rd
Thruster - KB Swing - Pull-Up

Max rounds plus reps in 10 minutes of:
7 Thrusters (75lbs)
12 Kettlebell Swings (35lbs)
7 Pull-ups

146 92.41 7th
Max Floor to Overhead

In 6 minutes, work up to a max squat clean to overhead.

160 88.89 4th

At the immediate conclusion of Workout C1, perform the following for time:
Sprint 50m
25 Burpees
100-yard Walking Lunge
Then 5 Rounds of:
- 15 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overhead (25lbs)
- 100-yard Dumbbell Farmers Walk (25lbs)
Then 25 Burpees
Row 500m
Run 450 yards

17:20 100 1st
Overall   374.91 3rd